Sublime castle complex with a romantic park

The mansion rises proudly above the town of the same name, which was converted from a fortified castle, the origins of which go back to the 12th century, into a palace during the Renaissance. The renovated high castle offers around 2,000 m² of living space, which is grouped around a romantic inner courtyard with an arcade. Worth mentioning here are the salons from the 18th century, the original medieval Rauchkuchl with pyramid chimney, a covered corridor to the rule oratorio of the adjoining baroque church and the great knight's hall, the wooden ceiling of which is dated to 1604.

The approx. 2 hectare, almost flat park in the east of the castle is fantastic, and invites you to linger in addition to its old trees with a salad bar. In addition, there is a baroque house, a former stable and, above all, a large grain box, which leaves a lot of space for your own realization.

The property also has a 1.7 hectare wooded area on which there is also its own spring.

47.716 m²

Lot size

2.600 m²

Usable area

2.350.000 €

Purchase Price

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