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There are many estate agents!

What distinguishes a good broker and how can I tell the difference? For the successful sale of our specialised property, an exclusive historical castle complex, it was crucial to choose the right partner from the start, that much was clear.

A historical property does not merely need a good salesperson and a nice deal summary, but rather it needs someone who, above all, has the necessary specialist knowledge and the appropriate sensitivity for everything related to the historical structure. Someone who not only has access to a relevant network of select clients, which are often very discreet, but who is also a marketing professional and knows exactly which of the prospective customers the property will ultimately actually be shown to. A lot of it demands tact, while still being stern enough to avoid “viewing-tourism”.

We were quickly convinced that these criteria were met and, to our positive surprise, we were even rewarded with further, targeted and very professional campaigns during the course of our cooperation. We always felt that we received sound, goal-oriented advice, and so did potential buyers. This was never perceived as intrusive. At Hendrich Real Estate, you can feel the fusion of passion and professionalism at a level that we had not expected and could not have expected.

Many thanks to the entire team.

Johannes & Susana Würmer

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